Dao Lu

Dao Lu is the blending together of Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and Lu Kung Fu. It is a journey from the inside to the outside and back again, in a continuous and harmonious cycle.

Dao Lu is the path of least resistance and a way of life that takes shape as one trains the form and the partner exercises.

Dao Lu is a mode of communication that is more than just ‘language’ but also emotions, sensitivity, and mindfulness. Dao Lu is simply a state of being.

Chi Kung

ultimate form of relaxation

Chi Kung is a moving meditation. It is the foundation in Dao Lu of mind and body awareness. Through carefully designed exercises the whole body is trained at once as a single dynamic unit, and the mind is fully in the moment, aware and listening, but not interfering. Chi Kung is similar to mindfulness except we incorporate movement into the meditation.

Tai Chi

intense yet relaxing

Tai Chi is functional movements from head to toes, with every bone, muscle, and tendon in action in the gentlest of manners. It is the natural continuation of Dao Lu from where Chi Kung started off. Tai Chi is a mind and body awareness workout where the mind listens internally and also externally, to where the energy is aiming at. Tai Chi is an intense yet relaxing workout, similar in some ways to yoga, except that the principles are based on martial arts.

Lu Kung Fu

great way to have fun

Lu Kung Fu is the art of self-defense through relaxation and giving way. It is learning how to use an opponent’s power against them. Through simple and short drills with a partner, you learn how to sense and use the energy coming at you to disarm your opponent. It is a relaxed workout with the focus of having practical solutions through listening, feeling and applying. Some aspects of Lu Kung Fu look similar to Aikido and Wing Chun. It is the last pillar of Dao Lu. Lu Kung Fu is a great way to have fun, learn the basics of a soft-style martial art and relax with colleagues.