Welcome to Chi Works

The massage studio where together we dissolve any physical and emotional pain blocking you from your full potential to be fit and happy.

Most blockages in our system are caused from trauma, this can be physical trauma such as repetitive or strenuous movement, or emotional trauma such as abuse or negative self-esteem, sometimes it is a combination of both. At Chi Works I focus on a holistic approach. This simply means that I see you as a whole individual where every part of you ­– mind, body and emotions – is interconnected and relevant. I believe this is the only way to really help a person overcome their pain and begin healing.

To touch someone is not just a physical act, it is everything that encompasses a human being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Therefore, the intention behind a touch is of paramount importance, for only with the right intention can trust be built and the journey to heal commence.


My deep-seated intention is to want to help others heal, and the starting point is what we call in shamanism ‘loving presence’ – which means being present with an open heart, listening with an open mind, without judgement, and sharing and helping accordingly to the needs of the other.

Do you struggle with physical pain? Do you feel emotionally blocked? Are you looking for a soft method of training that is highly effective? Would you like to be seen as a whole being who is more than your symptoms or complaints? If ‘YES’ is the answer to one of these questions, then you are at the right place. Book your session here:

Feel, explore and develop yourself at Chi Works Studio


Dissolve physical or chronic pains and heal your body.


Dissolve emotional traumas and awaken your chi.


Move with integrity and communicate with clarity.


Free your mind, and rediscover YOU.