The prices apply to all types of sessions except Shamanic Therapy.
(You can check the Shamanic Therapy page for the prices there.)

60-minute session
90-minute session
120-minute session
Preferred method of payment is via Tikkie. When this is not an option for you then cash payment is acceptable (please have the exact amount).
Note that payment by PIN (debit card) is not possible.

Times and Locations

The times and locations in the schedule are for indication purposes, treatment by appointment only!
Sometimes it is possible upon request to deviate from the times and/or location.

Day Times Location
Monday 18:00 - 22:00 The Hague
Tuesday 09:30 - 21:00 Woubrugge
Wednesday 09:30 - 17:00 Woubrugge
Thursday 09:30 - 17:00 Woubrugge
Friday 09:30 - 21:00 Woubrugge
Saturday 09:30 - 17:00 Woubrugge
Sunday 09:30 - 17:00 Woubrugge
Location Parking Public transport
Woubrugge - van Schellingerhoutstraat 16, 2481 XC

(The entrance is a teak-coloured door in the garden fence. Once past this door and you will see the entrance to the Studio directly in front of you.)
Parking is free all day long.

Not the most convenient location for public transport.

From train station Alphen aan den Rijn:

  • Take Bus 183 (direction Leiden Centraal) and exit at 'Kerkweg'.
  • Alternatively, take Bus 470 (direction Schiphol airport), exit at 'Jacobswoude', then Bus 182 (direction Leiden Centraal) and exit at 'Kerkweg'.

From train station Leiden Centraal:

  • Take Bus 183 (direction Alphen aan den Rijn) and exit at 'Kerkweg'.

From 'Kerkweg' stop, it's an 8-minute walk to the Massage Studio.

The Hague - Laan van Meerdervoort 782a, 2564 AP

(The entrance is around the corner on the side-street Frambozenstraat. You will see an open gate with a tiled garden. Walk through and once in the building, the first door to your right is the Studio, just before the waiting room. It is located in a physiotherapy practice called Leeuwenhoek Fysiotherapie.)
Paid parking between 18:00 and 23:59. Free during the rest of the day.

Tram 3 stops a minute walk from the studio. Exit at 'Appelstraat'.

From The Hague central station:

  • Take Tram 3 (direction Loosduinen or De Savornin Lohmanplein) for about 20 minutes.

Gift Card

Show your love to a friend, family member or significant other by gifting them a massage session. You may purchase a Gift Card at the studio or online. For online purchases, fill in the contact form on the website and choose ‘Gift Card’ as the subject. In the ‘Message’ field fill in the following information:


  • the length of the treatment you wish to purchase (60, 90 or 120 minutes)
  • the full name of the recipient
  • state if you want a PDF version or a physical card
  • if you decide on a physical card it will be sent to your address. If you wish it sent to the recipient, please include the address of the recipient.


You will then receive a Tikkie via WhatsApp for the chosen treatment. Once paid, a Gift Card with the person’s name and date of purchase will be delivered according to your chosen preference. Note that for a physical Gift Card, the cost of a postage stamp will be included in the Tikkie.

Good to know's

Massage Therapy or Shamanic Therapy session


  • I use a scent free Jojoba/Almond massage oil. If you are allergic to nuts, please let me know! Then I can use grapeseed massage oil.
  • You are always covered and only the parts being massaged are uncovered.
  • You can dress and undress in privacy behind a sheet that I hold up and stand behind.
  • Personal hygiene is much appreciated but please avoid strong scents/perfumes as these have a distortive effect on the treatment.
  • Make-up is a hinderance if I need to massage certain trigger points on the face.
  • Please do not wear jewellery as they can hinder the massage.
  • If you have long hair, then it may be handy to have a hairband with you.
  • Note that some massage oil may come on your hair especially if the neck needs to be massaged.
  • It is not a problem to have a massage if you are menstruating. Please inform me so I adjust the direction of certain techniques.
  • Do not have a massage during the first 3 months of pregnancy! And always let me know if you are pregnant, so I avoid certain areas that can induce contractions.
  • Shaving, waxing or other aesthetic applications are not necessary. You are welcome as you are, as long as you feel comfortable.
  • If you have fungal nails or other bacterial skin conditions on the feet, then please keep your socks on during the massage since they are contagious.
  • Avoid a heavy meal before a session.
  • Please avoid smoking just before a session.
  • Please avoid drinking alcohol before a session.
  • I am the giver, and you are the receiver, this makes the boundaries clear.
  • Sometimes the treatment requires massaging close to the more intimate body parts (with your consent, of course). Please note that this is not a sexual service nor done for the purposes of a sexual outcome. Should arousal or pleasure be felt, that is fine because it is a part of your chi (life force) and nothing to be ashamed of. The intention is to use this chi to heal yourself by guiding it to your blockages. It is important to be clear here, so there can be safety and trust between us


  • Bear in mind your clothes will come in contact with massage oil.
  • If a lot of trigger points were massaged or the tension in your body came loose, then you should drink a lot of fluids (ideally water) for the next 4 hours. Sometimes you can have headaches. Try to rest.
  • It is possible you feel drowsy. Be careful on your journey back.
  • Avoid alcohol. It is best not to drink alcohol after a massage (for that day). If you drink, then know that 1 unit of alcohol will feel like 3 units.
  • Try to keep warm.
  • Do not do too much physically or mentally. Try to plan a lot of rest time to fully benefit from a session.


  • If you have existing medical conditions (whether physical or psychological) then please state them in the message field of the online contact form, as well as any medication you use.
  • If you suffer from psychosis or a similar condition, or are currently being treated for psychosis or a similar condition, then Shamanic Therapy is probably not suitable for you.
  • If you suffer from a deep trauma and are currently being treated for it, then think carefully if Shamanic Therapy will be helpful or detrimental at this phase of your therapeutic process.

Dao Lu Training or Holistic Coaching session

  • Wear comfortable/loose clothing that are easy to move in.
  • If you need to change clothes this is not a problem.
  • Have indoor shoes or warm socks (preferably with anti-slip). Barefoot is also possible provided your feet are clean and free of any foot fungal infections (as they are contagious).
  • Personal hygiene is much appreciated but please avoid strong scents/perfumes as these have a distortive effect on concentration.
  • If you have long hair, then it may be handy to have a hairband with you.
  • Please do not wear jewellery as they can be a hinderance.
  • Avoid a heavy meal before a session.
  • Please avoid smoking just before a session.
  • Please avoid drinking alcohol before a session.