Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching is me seeing the amazing person before me that wishes to become even more amazing by changing patterns, resolving pain, letting go of issues… in short: growing and developing into a new person. Holistic Coaching involves all aspects of my knowledge and skills that are available to help you in the most effective way possible.

Holistic Coaching is effective for anyone who has anxiety, trust issues, ADHD, difficulty knowing or communicating their needs or boundaries, low self-esteem or confidence issues, physical pain, chronic pain, emotional pain, and psychosomatic issues.


Those who regularly suffer from a fight, fright or flight response, or are easily triggered or are continuously projecting onto others, can also benefit from Holistic Coaching. There is much within us that needs work and attention to better understand our patterns. Only through understanding can change happen. Transforming that which holds us back, chokes us up or demoralizes us into that which motivates us, frees us or inspires us is a truly magical process that can happen to anyone who takes the time, the effort and the right setting (where loving presence is practiced) to do the necessary work on themselves.


We begin the first session with an intake conversation where we discuss the issues influencing the quality of your life and then we see together what the most effective approach is to deal with that. And so, we begin the journey to heal from the first session.


Sessions can include conversations, movement meditation, massage therapy, energetic therapy, breath work, and/or shamanic meditation or massage. The key factor is what feels right and safe for you to help you start the healing journey. In the intake we can discuss all the different techniques I work with and how they are sometimes blended to achieve rewarding results.


As the space holder and the giver of what it is you need at that moment, I work within your boundaries. In this way, we build up a safe and trusting space, we understand one another, we have a clear goal, and we begin the journey towards that goal.


It is often necessary in this type of healing journey to have regular sessions for a period of time. This allows time to reflect and to let the work done or received in the previous session to be incorporated. Every session is unique because at every moment you are unique, and your needs will change as you journey further.

Further Information

Holistic Coaching is a broad term because the number of methods and the expertise that I have are from various fields – relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, abdominal and pelvic massage, chakra and polarization massage, holistic pulsing, shamanic massage, shamanic journeying, de-armouring, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Lu Kung Fu, mindfulness – all of which work beautifully together as a whole and give me a broad set of tools to help facilitate you on your healing journey.


Working through touch and movement is remarkably therapeutic to healing emotional issues. In and of itself, it may not always be enough and for those already in therapy (or planning to go to therapy), this kind of personal healing journey can be a beautiful complement to therapy.


Therefore, the effectiveness and usefulness of traditional (psycho-) therapy should never be overlooked or dismissed. As someone who has experienced various psychotherapy trajectories, I have the utmost respect to it and the healing it brings.


However, I feel it is important to also simultaneously work in conjunction with a Holistic Approach (when that is possible). When in doubt, feel free to ask or discuss your situation by contacting me and we can see if there is anything that I can do for you.


For further practical information regarding the sessions, please read the Practical Info page.