Massage Therapy

A massage at Chi Works Studio is a perfected art suited to your specific needs. Choose to relax with a full body deep-tissue massage or choose a more targeted approach like trigger-point therapy to tackle chronic pains and muscle knots or choose an energetic approach to reconnect your chakras and awaken your inner life force… or alternatively, let me blend the massage therapy to what I sense you need at that moment. Whatever you choose, I believe you will walk out feeling better than when you walked in.

The use of various types of massage techniques has delivered fantastic results at Chi Works Massage Studio because it works simultaneously at different levels during a session to treat the physical (such as muscles and tendons), the emotional (such as fear or anxiety) and the spiritual (such as inner awareness). The more you can let go and allow the treatment to come within, the more effective and rewarding it is.


I see massage as the art of touch to heal another being. Sometimes the touch needs to be hard and other times soft, sometimes it needs to be acute and other times broad, and sometimes it needs to be goal-oriented and other times meditative, but it always needs to be healing… and that is precisely my intention.


The massage is often tailor-focused to your individual needs. Depending on your symptoms and their causes, your perspective and your wishes, the massage treatment can range anywhere from broad applications like deep tissue massage to acute applications like trigger points, as well as energetic integrations such as holistic pulsing or chakra massage. The primary goal is to help you relax and relieve you from pain or blockages.


As the space holder I work within your boundaries. In this way, we build up a safe and trusting space, we understand one another, we have a clear goal, and we begin the journey towards that goal.


If you have chronic pain, physical blockages or emotional trauma then you will most likely require recurring sessions. This is simply because such blockages are deep-seated and have built up over a period of time. In the same way, it requires time to handle them. Fortunately, you will often feel a difference already after the first massage session.


Every massage is unique because at every moment you are unique, and your needs will change as you begin to heal.

Further Information

Massage is a broad term because the number of methods and the expertise that I have are from various fields – relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, abdominal and pelvic massage, chakra and polarization massage, holistic pulsing, shamanic massage – all of which work beautifully together as a blend and give me a broad set of tools to help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Much research has been done on the importance of touch: we are social animals that require touch to survive. People have been known to die earlier or to develop trauma due to lack of touch. Massage is one of the best ways to connect with your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


For those who are afraid of touch due to, for example, past traumatic experience, trust issues, other gender, body image, etc., I have successfully worked with such clients and most completed their trajectory or booked regular massage sessions to progress further with their healing. Inform me of any such difficulty you are facing beforehand so I can make the experience as comfortable and safe as possible, and we communicate regularly to check if anything can be improved and if proceeding further in the session is still an option.


The pace of a massage treatment and the boundaries you set are always respected.


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