Shamanic Therapy

Shamanic Therapy invites you to connect with your true self, with the spirits of your ancestors and with nature. The power to heal starts from within. That is not to say that conventional medicine or therapy is irrelevant, or to downplay their importance; instead, it is saying that the start of healing is in self-belief, to know who you are (not who you think you are or who you want to be) and to accept that reality of yourself (the authentic self), to accept the inherent wisdom of your own experiences and those of your ancestors (the spiritual self), and to be in harmony with nature, which includes the environment as well as all living organisms. When you do the inner work, face your worst shadows and learn to safely welcome them into the light, you will become whole, rooted and stable, with integrity and strength. At such a deep level of awareness and connection, your immune system is more robust, so even if you were to become sick, your chance to heal and recover is tremendously improved. And when you require conventional medicine or therapy, then those will be even more effective because you know you have done as much self-healing as possible and your vitality wants to quickly recover and resume its journey in life.


Shamanic Therapy is therefore grounded in the process of self-healing and rediscovering your authentic self, reconnecting with your spiritual self, and becoming a whole person full of vitality. Allow me to be your guide in this process, to show you the experience of being in the present moment in your body and of the self-healing power that is already within you.

Shamanic Therapy – Sacred Touch Massage

Immerse into depths within and discover the true meaning of energetic healing that lies within your sacred life force. The energy that will awaken within you will course through you and flow from your abdomen to every extremity, and its power will continue to increase the more you relax and give in to it. It is a powerful experience, and the wonders it does to your well-being is beyond description. It will hit you with physical excitement, emotional release and spiritual awareness all at once. Relax, open up and feel your own power healing you. No judgement, no analysis, no ego, no labels… instead, feel appreciated for the amazing being that you are: exactly as you are!


You will have my undivided attention (what we call loving presence) and guidance from the start to the end of the session. This is all about you. I intuitively feel your needs at a deep energetic level and adjust the flow of the massage accordingly to achieve the goal of healing. I guide you with breathwork and meditation if it is necessary during the massage. When your life force awakens and begins to flow through you, it can trigger intense healing. At the end, you will feel whole: physically, emotionally and spiritually.


This massage is about 2 hours long (that is the duration which you are being massaged). The whole session can take about 2 and a half hours.


The price is 110,-

Shamanic Therapy – Journeying with Massage

This is a unique experience. Shamanic journeying is to travel by means of meditation to the underworld where mother nature reigns. And you do this without using drugs or other substances. Instead, we begin the session with the Sacred Touch massage (see above) to help connect, relax and open up. Then the massage continues with the addition of some breathwork. When the right depth of relaxation is achieved, I continue massaging and begin the guided meditation to facilitate journeying. And in the background, shamanic drumming music is playing. I guide you step-by-step through the whole journey while energetically massaging you, activating your chakras and helping you reach unexplored depths of your consciousness.


Journeying, when done well, can invoke visions or dream-like states where you explore in complete safety the underworld that you envision and are currently visiting. You can even meet your power animal (or totem), who can heal you in various ways, the plants you encounter can heal you with their medicinal attributes… Hormones like endorphins are released that will relax you and make you feel ‘high’. The visions can empower you or offer you long sought for answers. The list goes on… but the experience is unique.


This massage is about 2 hours long (that is the duration which you are massaged/guided). The whole session takes about 3 hours.


The price is 150,-

Shamanic Therapy – De-armouring

De-armouring is the process of shedding off your armour, that is the emotional baggage you have been carrying your whole life, consciously or unconsciously, that has prevented you from being your authentic self. Your armour can make you conform to the ideals of others, empower your archetype (leader, victim, helper, trickster etc), dose you with various levels of deep-seated anxiety and irrational fears, distort your health (chronic pain, fatigue, ulcer, indigestion, constipation etc), distort your emotional well-being (anger, frustration, disgust, sadness, worry etc), and it can even distort your spiritual development (rationalization, phobias, dogma, morality principles etc). And all this has taken root in your body! In your chest, in your abdomen, in your groin.


A De-armouring session begins with a Sacred Touch massage on the front part of your body (see above) and from there I can feel the blockages and triggers that have made a home in your body. Then I begin to work on them, releasing what can be released within your thresholds. It is normal to feel emotional release or pain with this kind of spiritual bodywork and it is welcome. We do not have the labels positive or negative (that is judgemental), instead we have energy in different manifestations. We de-armour from the chest to the groin. Step-by-step we work on releasing the blocked energies so that the healing process can take place.


This massage is about 3 hours long (that is the duration which you are massaged/de-armoured). The whole session can take about 4 hours.


The price is 180,-

I am not a shaman and do not consider myself a shaman. I am a shamanic practitioner. There is a distinct difference, and I would be dishonouring true shamans if I would make such a false claim. Shamans are revered medicine men in many tribal cultures who encompass the wisdom of their ancestors, use plant medicine and rituals to heal and guide members of their tribe. I can only hope to aspire to such wisdom one day.


My intrinsic abilities began with energetic healing and were enhanced through internal energy work like Tai Chi. In 2020, I attended my first Shamanic journey, and my life was literally transformed within 6 weeks. I discovered my authentic self. I accepted who I was, I made new choices, I walked new paths and I embraced the call of developing myself through shamanism.


Wanting to help people heal and being entrusted to do so is a privilege that humbles me each time. Every new encounter makes me grow: one little step wiser, one beautiful new connection, one more happy spirit. After my life transformed, I knew that this path would be the one I would walk and learn and develop and use, along with that of Dao Lu, because it was all about chi – energy.


Shamanic Therapy is serious and intense self-developmental work. Sessions are long because we need time to connect, for the mind to quiet down, and for the body to open up. Then the real work begins. Sometimes after a session you can feel high and energetic, and other times you can feel low and tired, but I assure you that both results are good because that is who you are at that moment – who you need to be – in order to heal.


The focus is to relieve you from the blockages (in whatever form) that are preventing your chi from flowing. You are guided and encouraged to connect, open up and listen within to your life force. I will awaken it and help you target your blockages with it.


Every session is unique, even if we have done it several times before because we are unique at every moment, so our coming together with our individual energies blending will also be unique to that moment. I work with what I intuitively feel energetically, and the depth of my trance depends on the strength of our connection and your level of openness to receive energy.


This is also about slowly learning to know your authentic self. Thus, you are invited to be honest, open and vulnerable. You will receive the same honesty, openness and vulnerability from me. We are both persons with our issues and complicated lives. The only way for connection to be genuine and to build up trust is to have a two-way flow.


The authentic self is whole, full of integrity. Let go of your ego and accept yourself for the beautiful being that you are including everything you consider a flaw. Strip away any masks and ideals you wish to present. Be aware by looking inward rather than projecting outward. Stand for what you believe in and be at peace with it. Respect yourself, others and nature. And always take one-step further out of your comfort zone (otherwise you will never grow). These are the guiding principles I work with.

Further Information

I offer Shamanic Therapy mainly to clients I already know. The reason is that trust is a vital element for a therapy to properly work. And it helps to already know something about your background. If you have experience with such or similar therapy or massage form, then let me know and we will first do an intake to see if it feels right to go further with a treatment.


In these sessions, I am the giver, and you are the receiver. At least as far as intention and purpose are concerned. With this important distinction, we can make the boundaries clear so that we work in safety and with trust.


It is appreciated if you are completely undressed. There is much emotional and physical trauma that builds up in the chest, abdomen and groin that will be addressed in a therapy session. Furthermore, being completely undressed means you have no superficial armour to hide behind. Please note that you are often covered with a sheet to keep you warm unless you are being massaged.


Whichever Shamanic Therapy session you receive, there will be massaging close to the more intimate body parts. Please note that this is not a sexual service nor done for the purposes of a sexual outcome. Should sexual feelings, arousal or even pleasure be felt, it is perfectly alright because it is another state of being your authentic self, therefore, it is welcome. It is a part of your process and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The intention is to then use such feelings to heal yourself. They are part of your chi, so you can guide them to where they are needed. (I explain this more thoroughly before a session.) It is really important to be clear here, otherwise there can be no trust or safety between us.


Personal hygiene is much appreciated. Having said that, please do not use strong scents/perfumes as these have a distortive effect on the therapy. Try to be as natural as you can. Another step towards authenticity.


Avoid a heavy meal before a Shamanic Therapy. Also keep in mind to plan a session on a free day or a relatively relaxed day. And when possible, have the morning after free, so that the treatment has time to integrate and your emotions have time to play out.