Dao Lu Coaching is done in one-on-one sessions that may involve any or all of the pillars of Dao Lu, as well as communication theory and personal coaching techniques.

The coaching is effective for anyone who is stressed at work, has difficulty communicating clearly, has difficulty relaxing, has confidence issues, has anxiety issues, or has difficulty trusting others.

'I know that the techniques of Dao Lu work because at one point or another, I have struggled with all of these issues at varying levels of intensity. But no longer. Through practicing Dao Lu, I have become the person I want to be – free from those inhibiting emotions. Let it also help you become the person you want to be.' - Samir Rawas Sarayji


We will first discover what the root causes of the stress, anxiety, or difficulties are. Then we will discuss together strategies to help resolve these inhibiting feelings. We will also practice useful techniques through exercise to help you relax and open up.


The objective is to remove the obstacles on your path by freeing up your mind, body, and emotions. We work together to regain your vitality.

Practical Information

Dao Lu Coaching can be done in the Hague at an arranged location. Otherwise, it can also be done at your location provided it is in the Zuid-Holland province. The price of the coaching depends on the length of the trajectory, the intensity, and the location. The price will be determined and discussed after an intake session.