Welcome to Chi Works

At Chi Works we can help your team relax, open up, and become better communicators through our Dao Lu training method.

At the workplace, we need to communicate with colleagues, work with them, and depend on them; in other words, we need to trust our colleagues that they will do their part and we will do ours.

We also need to be kind and calm with ourselves and to others, and we need to focus and be alert with our tasks. At Chi Works, we can help your team achieve all this through Dao Lu training.

Partner exercises help enhance trust and what we call ‘sensitivity training’ – a way to communicate by listening and going with the flow to reach a mutual understanding.

Workshops, training & coaching in Dao Lu

Chi Kung

For complete relaxation and a meditative experience, Chi Kung is recommended.

Tai Chi

For relaxation and a gentle physical workout, Tai Chi is recommended.

Lu Kung Fu

For a more active and fun experience, Lu Kung Fu is recommended.

To live well, we need to learn how to tap into, harness, and guide chi from within us to the outside world. In this way, the method of Dao Lu that we use will teach you how to calm down, open up, connect, dissolve conflict, and harmonize.

Through specific exercises and relaxation techniques, we can help you reach this state of being. It is an unforgettable experience that many choose to pursue further.
Chi does work!

Reconnect your team

relaxation, openness, and connection for teams

Dao Lu workshops offered by Chi Works are for teams looking to have a unique experience of relaxation, openness, and connection. This can be for a group that has stressed colleagues who need to relax and reconnect with their team members; or it can be for a group interested in a new experience at a special day event or outing. Either way, Chi Works is there to assist.

Workshops on location

meditative exercises and/or partner exercises.

At Chi Works, we offer workshops to help colleagues relax together through meditative exercises and/or partner exercises. We help you reconnect with yourselves and your colleagues by sharing a unique experience. And doing these workshops on location has the advantage of reminding you that you can always feel positive and relaxed at your workplace and with your team.